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I didn't bother to do this before, but such official statements are always cool. Probably I'll left some of posts (like ones with reviews) unlocked, but generally  from now on this LJ is:

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"Tanz der Vampire", Wiener Fassung 2009, Ronacher Theater 20.09.2009

I’m very sorry that writing the review took me so much – due to some private issues I had no time to do this earlier. Besides, I needed some time to put all my impressions from musicals and Vienna in correct order. You know, as a fan of musicals and person keen on all things connected with Austria-Hungary I’ve spent three days in the centre of my small, private paradise.
Musical “Tanz der Vampire” Wiener Fassung 2009 wasn’t a big surprise for me. There was a lot of talking about changes in new production, but the truth is that this Viennese production is almost directly imported from Budapest. I say almost, because there are still subtle changes in the show and – sadly – the director didn’t import Hungarian cast together with the whole show. But let’s drop this subject for a while and start from the beginning.

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And I guess that’s all. “Tanz der Vampire” Wiener Fassung 2009 is worse than Budapest production. It is amazing musical with surprisingly bad cast. While Gernot Kranner and Marc Leibisch help to make the show funny and enjoyable, they are not able to make it perfect because in TdV so much depends on love triangle Sarah-Alfred-Krolock. Triangle which is by no means “love”.
Of course new production is worth seeing, because even if you are disguised by the cast, you can still admire amazing set and beautifully made scenes, “Rote Stiefel” and “Gebet” are masterpieces. But I doubt I will see “Tanz der Vampire” in Vienna again, and if so, I won’t go there only to see the show (as I usually do) but to enjoy beauty of the city and perhaps buy tickets before the show. So my advice is: if you are considering going to Vienna or Budapest I strongly advise you to visit Budapest. For me “Tanz der Vampire” is always worth travel and money because I love every single minute of this show, but I guess that such fans as I, who love the musical but can be critical, won’t be very keen of Wiener Fassung 2009.

(Some more rambling on Vienna and musical - stagedoor soon, but this time in locked entry)

Rudolf:Affaire Mayerling, Raimund Theater Vienna 19.09.2009

I went to Vienna to see new production of „Tanz der vampire”, I did not plan to see „Rudolf” because I’m not really keen on this musical. However, on Saturday evening, 19th of September, I found myself standing in the queue to the Abendkasse to buy so-called “Restplätze” for the show.
Cause? Well, my hotel was located literally ten metres from the Raimund Theater and I decided it would be a shame to be so close and not to see “Rudolf”, especially when it was already too late to go sightseeing. What is more, these “Restplätze” were really cheap; only 11 euro for the ticket.
I got the seat on the left, in the ninth row. Surprisingly enough, the seat was much better than I expected, close to the stage and with good visibility, so I was rather happy.

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Summing up – I do not regret I went on “Rudolf”. The show isn’t really good, but the cast is so amazing that you can forget about the script and it practically makes the show enjoyable . I’ve never seen such situation before, it is a nice experience. I like Raimund Theater too; it has nice atmosphere that makes you want to come back to it. And I’m sure I will come back there – probably not to see “Rudolf” because one show is enough, but still.
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"Tanz der Vampire" Fan Video

So after a long time I finally finished my TdV Fan Video. I've been working on it for months and with Windows Movie Maker it was path through hell. What is more, I wanted this video to be perfect - as a result I've made seven (sic!) versions. Three videos out of these seven were decent, and this one is the best of these three.
You can watch my video here:

Hope you'll like it!
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Elisabeth Video

I couldn't sleep last night. Maybe because my flatmates went for a party and for the first time I was alone in flat in the night. I wasn't able to sleep and at the same time too tired to read books. Suddenly I felt inspiration to make a fan video. It took me about three hours, but it was very nice and satisfying work. If you want to see it, here it is:

Clips are from "Elisabeth" of course. Hope you'll like it.
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Trip to Berlin, part 2 - "Elisabeth" review

It's high time for my review from "Elisabeth". Sorry it took me so long to post it, writting reviews always takes me a lot of time because it it not easy to express your feelings in words ;) And writing in English does not make thing easier. Forgive me all possible mistakes, I know that my English is far from perfect. I hope this review will be at least understandable for you ;)

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Jekyll & Hyde in Poland: review

I’ve been looking forward to the 20th of June with great impatience; „Jekyll&Hyde” in Teatr Rozrywki (Theater Of Entertainment) in Chorzów was to be my first musical after over seven months of  fast. You can’t even imagine how happy I was standing in front of the theater, having thirty minutes to the beggining of the show and assisted by my good friend, Radek, who lives in Katowice (the city which is situated very close to Chorzów). I suppose I was the happiest person in the world ;)

Now, if you have enough courage, try to read my review and impressions.



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The only problem is that I haven’t seen any other version of J&H. I own two recordings, from Broadway and Austria, but I didn’t want to watch them before seeing the show, to have some surprise. But I think I have enough good taste to judge Polish production.


The only problem is that I haven’t seen any other version of J&H. I own two recordings, from Broadway and Austria, but I didn’t want to watch them before seeing the show, to have some surprise. But I think I have enough good taste to judge Polish production.

Almost three days have passed since I saw the show and I'm still under impression, listening to "Jekyll&Hyde" again and again (yay for my new dictaphone, it was really wise decision to buy it), with "Bring On The Men" and "New Life" and some sad thoughts about live  in head..